UPDATED Skin packs information here

1- skin with cleavage
2- skin without cleavage
3- skin with freckles and cleavage
4- skin with freckles and without cleavage
5- skin sunkissed with cleavage
6- skin sunkissed without cleavage
5 make-ups
5 skin packs
1 shape
>>skin box 5 skins 1,2,3,4 with appliers in the matching skin tone
>>skin box 4 skins 1,2,3,4,5,6
>>skin box 3 skins 1,2,3,4
>>skin box 2 skins 3,4
>>skin box 1 skins 1,2

What to make qua appliers per skin tone:

Tango: 4 appliers with/wo freckles/cleavage
Slink hands: 1 plain 1 with freckles
Slink feet: 1 plain 1 with freckles
Phatazz 1 plain 1 with freckles
LoudMouth 1 plain 1 with freckles


Box1 en box 2 550 linden Box3 750 linden Box4 950 linden Box 5 1250 linden 4 skins plus slink total body applier and tango applier

Make ups 150 linden Lose appliers 250 linden Combi appliers hand and feet 400 linden Combi appliers hand, feet and body 600 linden Shape 500 linden

Fatpack 1 skintone with all the appliers 2500 linden

Starter box 1 skin with hand and feet appliers and a shape no mod. 550 linden

Applier vendor Hand and feet applier, full body applier, tango applier, booty applier, loudmouth applier, wowmeh applier

Applier on demand: 1500 linden



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