If you have a support question, please first see the FAQ page. 99% of issues can be resolved through reading these. If your problem remains unresolved please contact one of the staff members by sending a notecard detailing the issue or poke them in IM when you see them online in the store [Managers are listed in Contact, and staff names can be found in the staff box on the store info board at the store, behind the front counter]. If they can not solve the issue THEY will pass it on to Izara. Unfortunately IM’s are often capped so we cannot guarantee that we would receive them.

We will try to respond to all support queries sent by either EMAIL or NOTECARD within 24 hours during our normal working times.* We cannot be held responsible for IM’s that have not been delivered due to capping. Please be aware of the time difference in your country and ours.

* Our normal working hours are (11:00 am- 12:30 pm SLT) Monday to Friday. However due to personal circumstances, days off, and public holidays it may vary from time to time.