Jana @ Black Friday Bazaar

Jana, based on LAQ Ana, is now available at the Black Friday Bazaar! There’s even a special gift for everyone!




Who will become the next Mr & Miss Sinner 2019?

Would you like to become Mr. or Miss Sinner 2019?


We are looking for our most hardcore skin lovers to enter this competition.

To enter, take a high quality professional photo of yourself wearing your favourite 7 Deadly s{K}in to be featured in store.

Rename your photo to your default avatar name and enter it into the Mr & Miss Sinner mailbox.

The winners will be chosen by Izara Zuta
STARTS: November 10th
ENDS: December 20th.

It’s that easy. So pop on your creative hats and start snapping….


✰ The title of Mr & Mrs Sinner for 1 year
✰ Winners photos will be added to the store for 1 month
✰ Winners will be added to the store bloggers group with their own private title.
They will receive EVERY blog box with the NEWEST skins for free for a ENTIRE YEAR!
✰ Winners will receive a gift card to the value of 1000 L.

Good luck everybody ❤

We do have a few rules to follow….

*Only GROUP members may enter the contest
* You must be wearing a skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins ( no exceptions)
* The skin must be a main feature of your picture
* Keep your pictures PG as the winners will have their pictures displayed in store( no rude bits please)
* High quality full perm pictures will be required (Pictures at 1024 x 1024 )
* Name your picture your SL avatar name to that we can look you up
* Do NOT complain about the contest in group chat
* The contest decision is final