Mystery Box!

Hello sinners!

How big of a 7 Deadly s[K]ins fan are you?

How about each month you can join a special group where i will send out a mystery box?

>> What will be in the box?

– 5 brand new skin boxes released that same month you signed up for
– 1 skin box that will NOT be SOLD in the store or anywhere! but will be a exclusive
JUST for the Mystery Box receivers.
>> How does it work?

– Join this group:

7 Deadly s[K]ins Events

This is NOT FREE! The cost is 2500ld per month.
[ 6 times 899 for a new skin box = 5394ld so your saving is: 2894ld ]

– Each month on the 16th the box will be send out in the event group

– Each 1th of the month the group will be emptied again.

>> Will i know what is inside the box?
No! That is the mystery!

Izara Zuta

NOTE: this is a 3 month try out first!

7DS Mystery Box


Big News and Current Events

NOW IN THE STORE!… 3 NEW skin tone’s POSTER-skin-tones-2017.png
and the first skin box with the NEW skin tone DEW for sale.


Be sure to check out all the CURRENT EVENTS:

KELLY @ 68 Main

ANOUSHKA @ eBENTO (thru Sept 30th)



LAVENDER @ Designer Circle (thru Sept 16th)

SEAGULL @ Suicide Dollz (thru Sept 14th)

LEMON @ anyBODY (thru Sept 15th)

ARNICA @ Chapter Four (thru Sept 30th)


Check the latest notice for all the details AND for a sneak peek at upcoming events!!

7 Deadly s{K}ins New Skin Tones Preview

A sneak peek at some new skin tones by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, to be released within the next few days!

>>>> 3 NEW SKIN TONE’S come test them in the store!!!