Refunds are not offered on purchased items with the exception of duplicate purchased items. Ensure you read the product description carefully as purchasing an item incorrectly is not the liability of 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

A duplicate purchase is defined as accidentally purchasing the same product twice or more times simultaneously. This can occur because of server or viewer glitches at the time of purchase.

Group Gifts are FREE for group members. If you are a group member and purchase the sales version of a gift, you will not receive a refund.

Group join fee is non-refundable. Leaving the group will incur the group join fee should you wish to re-join at a later date.

If you want to buy an item with store credit but you paid it with your lindens instead, you will not receive a refund. Please ensure you follow the information on adding store credit here.



Most items are managed by the store vendor system: MD Labs. If you require a redelivery of a MD Labs item, simply click the Redelivery Terminal located on the Info board behind the front counter at the mainstore . You will be directed to the MD Labs website where you can select the item you would like redelivered.

Items purchased more than a year ago may likely be redeliverable through the 2nd Redelivery Terminal next to the MD Labs terminal.

If you cannot find any of your previous purchases on either terminal, and the item was purchased within the last month,  fill out the Refund/Redelivery notecard found in store on the store info board.

If you purchased one of the Today’s Offer for 250L (they change daily), you must request the redelivery within the same week of purchase. The vendor operates differently from the regular vendors and visibility on purchases after that time is not possible.



Most items sold are no-transfer and therefore, impossible to return , this means that all sales are final! All items are accurately represented visually on the vendors, and free demos are usually available. It is your responsibility to read  the product labels carefully and to try any available free demos. We have wonderful staff members who can help you if anything is unclear.


Gacha items can vary on their transferability. depending on the rules set by the events where the items are released some will be transfer some non transfer. If you are looking to transfer the items please ensure you check that the item is transferable prior to playing.  As gacha is a gambling item, There are no refunds or redelivery for these items.

As a human, I reserve the rights to make mistakes!! I am from Dutch origin and follow the Dutch customer service rules. This means if I make a typo on a poster or advertisement, the store info and rules written in here will always stand.


7 Deadly skins is does not accept liability for the store bot sending out incorrect information in group notices. Unfortunately a bot can crash or send out wrong information because of several technical issues. When in doubt always check the 7 Deadly s{K}ins group notices for information.