New Body Skins 2020


Dear customer,

Bakes on Mesh (BoM) is a relatively new and convenient feature in SL. Many of us went through changes from system skins to appliers, and now we have the option of moving back to a way of using skins on mesh that is very similar to system skins. There are many advantages to using BoM such as no applier HUDs, you don’t have to try to remember which skin you’re wearing, and the ability to greatly customize your individual look by layering various makeups, tattoos, and skin options on your mesh body parts.

While the 7 Deadly s[K]ins team is always here to assist you in using our products, each customer is responsible for knowing how to use the various mesh body parts they own, as well as becoming familiar with how to use Bakes on Mesh. There are so many choices for mesh these days, and we don’t own or have an in-depth knowledge of how all of them work. At the bottom of this document, we’ll provide some websites to some of the more common mesh bodies and heads for your reference. Please take time to learn the basics of using BoM, as well as how BoM works on your specific mesh. Our team can assist you with 7DS products and will refer you to the creators of your mesh if you need to know how to make it work on your specific mesh product(s).


  • This is the standard version of the new body skin included with the face appliers you purchase from 7DS
  • This version of the body skin can be used with the following new customization options
    • Freckles & Moles
    • Nipple covers
    • Coochie covers
    • Hip Bone covers
    • Maitreya, Legacy, Slink, Belleza feet
  • Omega and BoM options are included
  • This is the complete version of the new body skin, available separately from 7DS
  • This version of the body skin has more details and highlights than the basic body skin
  • The COMPLETE Body Skin can be used with the “old” 7DS face appliers via the NECK MATCH Tattoo
  • This version of the body skin can be used with ALL* of the new customization options
  • Omega and BoM options are included
  • This version does NOT include any face appliers
  • Wear a 7DS BoM body skin (which includes the head), they will have a symbol similar to this INFO-7DS SKIN INVENTORY ICON
    The symbols in your inventory may vary, based on the viewer and viewer options you use. You must always have a body skin on, therefore you cannot remove them, you can only REPLACE a body skin.
  • Wear the 7DS optional BoM body mods you want such as the detailed body skin, breast modifications, pubic hair, freckles, etc. These options will have a tattoo symbol similar to this INFO-7DS TATTOO INVENTORY ICON
    Options will work best added in the order indicated below, but if you’ve already added them it’s very easy to change the order using Edit Outfit.
  1. [7DS] – BODY 2020 COMPLETE bom body skin (this is the new detailed body skin, it will cover and hide any body tattoo layers that are underneath it in Edit Outift)
  2. [7DS] – BODY 2020 body   NECKMATCH (if needed for skins released prior to Skin Fair 2020), [7DS] – BODY 2020 body HIP BONE COVER, [7DS] – BODY 2020 body CLEAVAGE, NIPPLE or BREAST options, [7DS] – BODY 2020 body PUBIC HAIR options
  3. [7DS] – BODY 2020 body FRECKLES or MOLES, or other 7DS freckles options

Any other tattoos, makeup, etc. you wish to add to create your own unique look

  • You CAN add these options in any order, and then adjust them as needed using the instructions below
    • To change the order of BoM layers on your mesh:
      • Right click your avi and choose “Appearance”, then “Edit Outfit”.
      • Roll your mouse over the layer you want to move, to highlight it.
      • Use the arrows to the right of the selected item to move it where you want it.
      • Save the changes you made.
  • In your Edit Outfit box, the tattoo layers should be in the opposite order from what is listed above – see the example below:
    The reason for this order is to ensure layers aren’t being covered up – the layers in number 2 have “skin” included in the layer for blending purposes. You want them to be under options in number 3 so that freckles and moles show over them. With any other added layers, you can adjust them according to your preference such as having freckles or moles show over or under them.

Early video from Strawberry Singh, very useful in explaining BoM

More current video from Strawberry Linden [no, she didn’t marry a Linden :p]

Spanish video for men


Mesh Bodies

Click the ? on the Legacy HUD to get a notecard, and/or contact LiveHelp Resident for assistance.

Or in your Lara HUD, in the Misc. tab, just touch HELP/INFO then click the link in the popup menu.


Slink Redux & BoM

Mesh Heads

[AK] Delux BoM




Does not currently have a website, you can get assistance as indicated below:

  1. Discord channel –
  2. Inworld group chat secondlife:///app/group/b153906f-38dd-0dd6-d327-345bef9f446e/about
  3. NC to CSRGENUS support has several managers, so you have to send your request only to the manager who is responsible for a certain topic▸ Genus Project CSR: ichuly Resident- technical issues/questions, refund, redelivery, dev kit
    ▸ CSR Inworld/Discord live Support: Crymson Marder – technical issues/questions, discord
    ▸ Marketing /Blogger Manager: Dustu Azalee – blogger search/apps, events etc.

▸ Moderators Manager : aAlliAa Resident – inworld group, moderators work related questions

No website with info, use info provided with heads and the in-world group for assistance:


Enjoy your beautiful new body skins!