Gift Cards & Store Credit

Follow these instructions for adding your gift card balance to the vendor, so it can be used to make purchases.


Do NOT buy the product when you are NOT SURE that you are using the gift card!!!

Step by Step:

1. Add the gift card
2. Choose Use card
Activate and then confirm
By clicking on Use, the gift card’s amount will be added to your current balance and the gift card will no longer be valid; you can now detach the gift card and delete it.
3. Right click the product vendor, then click Menu on the pie
4. Choose to pay with $L, gift card credit, or store credit

As you can see, the menu shows your gift card and store credit balance. When the credit you have is not enough to pay for the item you can still hit the gift card or store credit payment option. You will get a pop up in that case saying you need to pay the remaining balance with your lindens. The vendor will show you the exact amount you have to add (pay with your $L) to buy the item inside! In other words, topping up.

Choose to buy and how to pay, then confirm purchase for the final time.

 Can I add my store credit to my gift card credit or vice versa?
No that is not possible.

Will my store or gift card credit expire?
As long as the store runs on MD Labs vendor system the credit will be valid.

Can I get the lindens instead of a skin?
No we don’t exchange a gift card or store credit for lindens.

 Can I use the same gift card again?
No, you can only use a card once.

 I don’t have enough store credit / gift card to buy the item I want. What can I do?
Read how to top up in STEP 4

I have a gift card but I want to give it to someone else. Is that possible?
Yes! The gift card is transferable.

 I have a card that is NOT WORKING. What is wrong?
Make sure the card was not used before. If a card has been used already, it will not give the menu.
[ see STEPS 1 and 2 ]

 If my gift card is not working, will you replace it?
Only if your card shows to be unused on the MD Labs system website will there be a replacement.
[ only Izara can check this ]

 How can I see what my store credit or gift card balance is?
Right click the product vendor to get the user info. [ STEP 3 ]

 What is store credit?
When you buy items from the 7 Deadly s[K]ins, you will be gifted a % of the purchase in store credit.
You can use that store credit to buy an item cheaper than the set price, or even take it home for free, once you’ve saved up enough store credit.

 I want to use my gift card / store credit amount on an item, but it will not let me buy it. Why?
Check inside the item [ product vendor ] if it contains a script named: MD Vendor System 4.0.3
If there is no such script, it means the item is not yet equipped to run with the store system.
[ NEW items and event items will not be able to be purchased with gift cards until at least 2 months after their release ]

 Can I top up my store credit / gift card amount?
In a way that is possible, yes! Read how to top up in STEP 4.