Bakes on Mesh [ BOM ]

Dear customers,
You might have heard about Baked on Mesh [BOM] as the new option to show textures directly onto your mesh without a skin HUD needed. What does that mean and what will be changing?
The current situation
You buy a brand mesh head and you buy fitting appliers that fit that brand or omega appliers to show the skin on your mesh body/head. This WILL continue to be possible with the baked on mesh way.
What’s the change?
You will now also be able to use the old fashion SL classic skins with the fitting skins and bake them right onto your mesh body/head. So you can do the same but you won’t need a separate skin HUD to apply the skin.
What’s the benefit?
Mesh creators can make new mesh heads that follow the classic UV map with fewer (or even no) extra layers and lower the rendering costs and avatar complexity.
Skin creators can make skins using the same UV maps so you can use one skin and it will be a perfect fit on ALL brand heads that offer mesh heads made with that UV map.
The biggest benefit of BOM is that you can use up to 42 layers to add tattoos, freckles, makeup etc all without using separate HUDs to put them onto your body/face.
The current mesh bodies and heads will stay available, and time will tell how creators will offer their items next…. as fitted brand HUD’s, OMEGA HUD’s, or System layers to use as BOM.
What does this all mean?
Each mesh head creator requires a different fitted skin. Mesh head and body creators provide us, the skin creators, with a map to use so our skins will fit their head/body. That is why a skin for Catwa, for example, may look weird on a LAQ mesh head and vice versa or the nipples on one mesh body will be on the perfect spot and on another body will be out of place.
What will be available right away at 7 Deadly s[K]ins?
• In September I will release 3 skins at the same time [ 1 group gift ] that are BOM ready, so you will find the “old” system skin files in the box and the mesh head HUDs to cover all the possibilities.
• On request I will created the BOM files from your favorite skins [ no older than 2 years old skins! ] for 500 lindens per skin box.
[The big pics on the posters are classic SL skins like the days of old [ BOM ready for mesh heads that use the classic SL uv mapping providing the classic skin files and the OMEGA HUD’s ]  The small pics in the circle inserts are the mesh head skins fitted for, in this case LAQ and GENUS, providing the classic skin files and the OMEGA HUD’s.
These 3 skin boxes will serve the people that never went mesh, the people using mesh and the people that want to switch to BOM right away!
In the future I will package the classic skin files with the skin HUD’s into each skin box, but due to the extra work, I will offer fewer skin tones per box than is offered now, so the skin box price will remain the same!