If you have decided to upgrade to a mesh head/body then you will no longer require the traditional skin that you have used on your standard SL avatar, now you will require appliers to enable you to wear/change your avatar skin.

7 Deadly s[K]ins predominantly makes and sells Omega appliers. Most brands of mesh head and bodies are compatible with Omega appliers. To see a list of brands which work with this system and to learn how to use Omega appliers, please check out the Omega Solutions website.



1. Firstly find the skin applier that works for you mesh head/body – this will be either by brand applier (e.g. Lelutka, TMP, or Maitreya appliers) or Omega applier

2. Unpack the applier and find the skin tone you wish to apply.

3. Wear the Omega RELAY (every time you want to apply) or INSTALLER HUD (one time for a new body) if your mesh head/body needs it. Click the HUD to activate it.

4. From your inventory add the skin applier. It will automatically appear on your screen

5. Click the Skin applier on your screen and it will automatically apply on your mesh head/body.

→ Some of the older skin packs will come with a separate head and body applier. In this circumstance you will need to add the head and body appliers separately following the steps above.

→ For perfect application ensure you are using the same skin tone for all your mesh from the same designer, as skin tones by other designers may differ in colour from the 7 Deadly s[K]ins ones and therefore never match.

→ This may sounds like madness but before purchasing ANY skin applier please make sure you own a mesh body part in which to apply the skin. Yes we have had questions about this but the bottom line is if you don’t own mesh and purchase appliers we cannot help you.


[commission requests]

If  at least 25 requests are made to make certain appliers, consideration will be made to l add those to the applier collection.