7DS Vendor System

There are 2 active vendor systems in the store, along with the built-in SL buying function.

Vendor type 1

7 Deadly s[K}ins currently uses the MD Labs vendor system, of which you will see most of the products on the ground floor of the main store on this system. However, in the MENS department, please make sure that the MD Labs logo sign is near that item prior to purchase. This is of particular importance when using gift card’s or store credit.

NEW In and SALES items are currently NOT on this system.
These products can be purchased with the built-in SL buying function.

Purchases through the MD Labs vendor system can be made using your lindens as you would for any product put on sale through the built-in SL buying function. However, as a bonus you are able to earn store credit and get a redelivery of that item from the redelivery terminal, located on the Info board behind the front counter at the mainstore.

MD listed products can also be purchased with a gift card or store credit – which you can earn when purchasing other products on the same MD Labs system with group tag on.

Vendor type 2 

The second type of vendor in store is found with some of the full system skin lines such as Patience, Sammuel and Elijah. To purchase an item off these vendors simply, click on the small product picture of your choice, check to make sure the picture appears on the big display above the products and select pay. It is very important to ensure the product you are looking to purchase appears on the big screen to ensure you are purchasing the correct item.

For the skin lines on this vendor system, you will find all the available skins that go with one skin line along with the fat packs, the shape, and the make-ups.
Because these are system skins, the make-ups are tattoo layers so its easy to change the look of your skin and keep the cost low.

To learn more about how to use your gift card/store credit to make purchases, please click here.

For redelivery information on any 7 Deadly s{K}ins product, please click here.


And for any issues please contact one of our helpful staff or send a Notecard to Izara Zuta explaining the issue.