• I do not offer refunds on purchased items EXCEPT in the case of duplicate purchases

How do i apply to get a refund?

1. Create a New Notecard by opening your Inventory, click on Create/New Notecard
2. Name it: “REFUND: your Second Life name”
3. Go to the website http://www.secondlife.com
4. Log in with your Second Life name and password
5. Once you are in your Dashboard choose under “My Account” the section “Transactions History” (5th button on the left). A list of all your purchased items will appear.
6. Copy and paste into the notecard the Transaction record of the not delivered item. (Transaction NR + Details)
7. Send to Izara Zuta


Clearing Second Life’s cache
Second Life uses hard drive space on your computer to store data, including a list of items in your inventory. If this cache becomes corrupted or your Viewer did not completely fetch your inventory, items in your inventory may erroneously appear to be missing. In many cases, your items are not lost and will reappear after you clear Second Life’s cache:
1. Go to Edit > Preferences on the menu bar
2. Click the Privacy tab
3. Click the Clear History button
4. Exit Second Life
5. Log back into Second Life
6. Wait in place for 5 minutes; Second Life needs to reload much of your previously cached information. For reference and debug, consult Clear_Cache
Check the Inventory Window Lost and Found Folder

Sometimes items get returned to the Lost & Found folder your Inventory.
If you can’t find an inventory item be sure to check there


You’re invited to come to the store and pick out something you want.
Pay for the item(s) and then send me the filled in this notecard that is
inside the giftcard AND the giftcard itself!

As soon as I have the note I’ll refund you the amount of the giftcard.


• You can not get cash back for the giftcard
• You can only use one giftcard at a time.
• You can ONLY get the amount of the giftcard refunded if you at least first spended that amount. that means… if you buy a item from 99ld and you send me a giftcard that is 150ld or more i will NOT refund the giftcard.


• From time to time we are seeking dedicated bloggers, willing to promote the brand in a positive light. High quality images are a must. If you want to apply you can do so by requesting a bloggers application. Leave a NC with the request at Izara Zuta


• If i got at least 25 request to make certain appliers i will add those to the collection. Due to the way i pack my skins in boxes, dividing them in body types i pack up the appliers in box sets as well. The appliers are NOT being sold seperatly nor do i have the intention of doing so because that would take up more work then it brings profit in the end. It would also take up to much space in the store. Adding them into the skin boxes would push up the price of the skin boxes witch would not be fair to the people that do not use appliers… The appliers are a option… NOT a must so i do not offer them as part of the regulair skin boxes or as part of the group gift.
• If a applier is not working please send me a NC to report it and the transaction prove so i can send you a new set.
• Question about the boobs, hands, ass, mouth etc itself or how to add the appliers to them you need to direct to the creator.
• MAKE sure you have the mesh body part to use the skin appliers! if you don’t have them, don’t IM me.


• Some of my Gacha items are tranfer and some are NOT… this depends on the rules set by events
i enter into… it is your own responsibility to check if they are trans or not and to keep in mind that
a Gacha is a gambling item! there is no trading and NO refund on it!
Playing a gacha means you pay the machine and get a random price.. so 1 play means you get 1 item if the info poster that belongs to that gacha machine


This store has a open group chat. This is ment to chat with other customers or ask help when you are not sure how things work in the store. Here are guidelines and rules you HAVE to stick to to keep the chat a nice place for everybody

RULES in the chat:
No discrimination
No herassments
No cursing { fuck, shit and damn is not considered cursing to me }
No spamming
No promoting other stores
No random TP’s
No complains about the store*

*If you have any complains then feel free to send me a personal message but before you do make sure you have read the store info and the vendor info first.


In the store i have several things that give out free items such as a MM, a Lucky Tree and a Magic Key machine. All the free items that you can win or get in my store you can NOT: get a refund on, trade in, or bother me about in my IM… remember that i am busy and the items are FREE!. Also if another person wins a item.. be a good sport and do NOT start to complain in my group chat about it.. that behavior might get you ejected…


• unfortunatly i have no time to be the personal shop assistent for all of you so please read all the store info first before you IM store staff or me with a question…
You reading the store info safes me a lot of time so thank you for understanding! 🙂


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