Staff Members:

                                                                    Izara Zuta – Owner/Creator


                 Please leave a notecard in world, we do tend to get capped a lot!


If you have a support question, please first see the FAQ page. 99% of issues can be resolved through this. If your problem is not resolved then please send Izara Zuta either a NOTECARD or send us an EMAIL [ ] detailing the problem. Unfortunately IM’s are often capped so we cannot guarantee that we would receive them.

We will try to respond to all support queries sent by either EMAIL or NOTECARD within 24 hours during our normal working times. We cannot be held responsible for IM’s that have not been delivered due to capping. Please be aware of the time difference in your country and ours.

Our normal working hours are (11:00 am- 12:30 pm SLT) Monday to Friday. However due to personal circumstances, days off, and holiday may vary from time to time.


In the vendors you will find all the available skins that go with one skin line along with the fat packs, the shape and the make-ups

The make-ups are tattoo layers so its easy to change the look of your skin and keeping it low cost!

• Click on the small product pic of your choice.

• Check if the picture will appear on the big display.

• Select pay.

If you run into any issues with one of the vendors feel free to send me a notecard so I can help you to sort it out!


• I do not offer refunds on purchased items EXCEPT in the case of duplicate purchases.
A duplicate purchase is defined as accidentally purchasing the same product twice or more times simultaneously.
This can occur because of server or viewer glitches at the time of purchase.
• Items that are no-transfer are impossible to return in Second Life.
• All items are accurately represented visually on their vendor or available to try out as demo.
• All of our items are no transfer, so returns are not accepted
• Some of my Gacha items are tranfer and some are NOT… this depends on the rules set by events
I enter into… it is your own responsibility to check if they are trans or not and to keep in mind that
a Gacha is a gambling item! there is no trading and NO refund on it!
• I reserve the rights to make mistakes! i am from Dutch origin and so here the DUTCH customer service rules… that means.. if I make a typing mistake in a poster or advertise that does NOT mean you have the right te demand what is on that poster or advertise..
The store info and rules written in this document always stand…

You can find your transaction history at Marketplace in this url:

NOTE: Only the items included in transaction history will be replaced.


Known Marketplace issues include delayed deliveries or failure. These issues are beyond the control of 7 Deadly s{K}ins® and remain the responsibility of Linden Lab.

While every step will be taken to remedy these issues – 7 Deadly s{K}ins is limited in the actions it can take to help. When shopping via the Marketplace, you do so at your own risk.

Pending Marketplace deliveries will reflect a deduction from your account balance. This amount is not transfered to the creator Izara Zuta until such time as the Marketplace deems your item delivered and your transaction is completed by Linden Lab . This can take up to 24 hours If you receive confirmation from the Marketplace that your delivery has been completed but you do not receive the item in your inventory, please send a copy of your transaction and the delivery confirmation (from email) in a notecard to Izara Zuta – every effort will be made to check the transaction and provide replacement. This can take 24 hours If your delivery fails – you will receive an email from the Marketplace that you have been refunded the full purchase amount.
This can take 24 hours.

More information on shopping through Marketplace can be found online here:


Any unlawful duplication, receipt or distribution of any 7 Deadly s{K}ins goods, whether for personal use, or the purposes of resale, is a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service and may result in any or all of the following:
Removal of the item by Linden Lab  – Second Life Owner
Permanent ban from both the store and/or the Second Life virtual world
Further action at the discretion of either the creator or Linden Lab
My work is registered by:

If you see stolen content please report it to the creators. Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. Our customer satisfaction and loyalty means a great deal and comes with our sincere thanks.


7 Deadly s{K}ins and the creator Izara Zuta reserve the right to discontinue/update, and adjust the pricing or any/all goods at any time and without warning.


Membership of the S7 Deadly s{K}ins Group or the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Subscribers List in the Second Life virtual world is voluntary and free.
By joining the group you accept:

1. From time to time you will receive promotional messages including news and product updates
regarding 7 Deadly s{K}ins items, services and events.
2. You can unsubscribe using the subscriber in the 7 Deadly s{K}ins main store.
3. Group fee can go up or down in price as i see fit. There is NO refund for the joining fee.
4. If you leave the group you will have to pay the joining fee again
5. I reserve the rights to put the group fee off as well without a warning ahead of time. Also in this case
i will not refund you the joining fee


 • We are human beings in a virtual world. mistakes happen and each issue will be attented to with respect and care. Customer service is a high priority for 7 deadly s{K}ins. being fully aware of the fact that waiting for us to correct a mistake can be annoying we do ask you to approach and address us in a civil manner. We do NOT respond to rudeness. threats or violating store / group rules will get you ejected and banned!


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