BIG Sim Wide SALE Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow starts a BIG sim wide SALE!!!!
Follow the sun flowers to find all the great deals!!

I have set up 2 group ONLY vendors with the last 18 group gifts for male and female up f
or 10 ld per skin box! So you never have to miss one gift again!

—-> NEW skins in the LUCKY CHAIRS!!! and in the MM boards!!

######        CHECK out all the NEW stuff that’s out there!         ######

^^^^^^   FOR RENT: a small store 100 prims / 225 ld a week
or…. 200 prims for 450 ld


SIM SHARE 1/4 plot available next to 3 other MAIN STORES

SIM SHARE 1/4 plot available next to 3 other MAIN STORES

We have 1/4 plot for rent [ 3300 prims / 4700 ld ] for someone with a MAIN STORE on a beautiful sim!
more info?

Contact Izara Zuta inworld!!!

Loordes 4_004Snapshot2_002Snapshot _ Valyria (138, 116, 24) - Adult