Dool @ WIP Event

We’ve got another sweet, cute exclusive for this special holiday round of WIP Event. Be sure to try the free demo for Dool skins & shape for Genus. Each skin pack comes with Omega appliers & BOM skins so they can be worn on other Omega/BOM compatible mesh heads.

Annual Advent Event

How the Advent Calendar works:

Each day (1 AM SLT), you will receive a gift from the Advent Tree with ONE box that says, “Come get your present!” To get it, simply right click and pay the box 1L – which will be immediately refunded.

Future gifts will indicate, “A gift is coming soon!” These are inactive. Therefore you cannot access it yet. As for the previous gifts it will say, “You’re a little late but you can still get your gift for 25L.” Once you have paid, your gift box will be delivered to you.


When the 24hours have passed, they have PASSED. If you missed a day, it will NOT be FREE again.
NO refunds on the gift you paid for 25LD, ONLY redelivery through the “Refund/Redelivery NC.
NO asking and posting of the gift contents in the group.
Thus, staff will not answer questions regarding it.
Complaints about the gifts will result to instant BAN.
There will be NO catching up days.
GROUP only event

GROUP join during the Christmas Advent is 1000LD (temporary).
All info about the event is in the Advent Calendar 2020 POSTER on the store counter. Please READ.