Stay at Home GIFT

During these strange and difficult times we are in, 7 Deadly s[K]ins are with you. Please #Stay-at-home and #StaySafe! Together we can overcome this.

Come grab this gift – no group needed, just buy for 0L$. The full skin comes as Omega applier & BOM skin that applies from head to toe, and also includes a browless option. Shape is included!


7DS Store Easter Hunt

Hello Sinners!
I thought it was about time to do a store hunt again!Find the 12 EGGS, complete the text it spells out… be the first?
YOU * WIN 1000 ld store credit on top of the eggs content!!!

YES the objects will be hard to find
YES it will be fun!
YES it will be worth it too!
YES there are FAKE items too
You can find 12 eggs with content and deco eggs
They are spread out over the sim and they are mixed male /female items
The hunt is ONLY for group members so wear your tag!
– You can NOT exchange the gift thats been given to you.
– You can NOT ask questions in the group about the whereabout of the eggs.
– NO sharing location with other people! if you do you will be ejected from the group
– The hunt is for GROUP members ONLY….. but…. group will be 10 linden to join during the hunt!
– There is no support on the hunt and the items.. all is free and we are all busy so plz do NOT IM us to ask
where the items are, if we can resend, etc

Izara & the 7 Deadly s[K]ins crew
wishing you HAPPY EASTER!

* Send a pic of your inventory of ALL the 15 eggs inside and the text solution in the right order on a NC to Izara to claim the 1000 gift card
The riddle is translated into a old language! 1 off the eggs will give you the solution to what language. find all the eggs and drop the words into google translate to solve the riddle.

* DURING THE FIRST 5 DAYS OF THE HUNT [10/11/12/13/14/15 APRIL] the GROUP JOIN will be ONLY 10 linden!