Loordes 4_003 Loordes 4_004 7DS is MOVING… yesssss… we took with 4 a brand new sim and it starting to look AMAZING! store is already open for business! the MM boards, GROUP stuff, DISCOUNTS, and the CAMPING chairs are ALL there now! COME TAKE A LOOK!!!!

Included are some fantastic pictures taken by our own VIPS!

Snapshot _ Valyria (138, 116, 24) - Adult Snapshot2_002 By Irish BreenSnapshot2_005 Snapshotcake3

By Shari Cortes

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004

Pictures by Suellen Heartsong

11154937_10203809066248815_5555357024652970968_o 14704_10203809065168788_3477827156654154069_n 11154795_10203809063968758_4950788687722520340_o 10925845_10203809063248740_3097490716557914626_o

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