UPCOMING and New Group Gifts for October <3

SO many NEW items in store at the moment

PATIENCE of course is the BIGGIE – All Patience Main releases are out and The colours are fantastic, from Cotton Candy to Taupe to Walnut they are selling like hotcakes AND Izara has put a group giftie out of a……….well you will have to go get it and see! heheh


ALSO NEW NEW NEW IS the LImited Edition NADIA – only so many copies so get yours while they are available – The picture I took is as of now at 03:40 am SLT on the 26th September soooooo you can see they only have been out a few days and only a few of each left – was 40 of each!


OCTOBER is coming and the new group gifts are ready to be released on the 1st – Gorgeous gorgeous!

66970_448863641919668_2646979785356210527_n 10678686_448903148582384_5515003694618505172_n

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you want to know any more please please please come in store and give us a shout or in group and PLEASE welcome our NEWEST member of the Customer Service team   ӇƛԼƠ – Not just gorgeous but she’s ready to see to your every customer service needs!

Come instore and see whats HOT and Happening right now XD

Grab your limo here –


Much love Sha x

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