News and Updates 7th August 2014

WOW Loads to tell you for August

Firstly NEW group Gifts and Izara has totally outdone herself this month – IF you don’t have the new group gifts then PLEASE PLEASE GO get them as they are HUGE.  As you can see from the Male and Female Group Gift pics below.  Female skin comes with appliers for WowMeh and for Slink hands and feet as well as ** Phat Azz, Loud Mouth and Tango 9 Fits Lolas and Deliq)  The guys comes with both Slink hands and Feet appliers – WOW Now that is what I call spoiling us Boss XD

Male-August-group-Poster GROUP-gift-august-2014-GIRLS-poster

All pics for events and newness listed below will be at the bottom of the post- Happy Browsing

NOW on the subject of SLINK and Newness – We have just introduced the NEW Slink

Physique Applier for three skins and more to come with newer skins, No Promises on the older skins but definitely the new ranges as they come out will have newer appliers with them as we move onwards. Izara will make custom Appliers as you require them for a fee. Please contact her in world for this information XD

The Golden Apple game is on in Store  – Find it, Slap it and be in with a chance for fab prizes

Guess the word machine – In World – No group needed – Hints are given in group though! Guys atm

The Apple Tree – Outside in the courtyard – if your lucky apple drops with your initial then you win the prize nailed to the tree – Currently a fab make up pack for us gals

EVENTS FOR AUGUST -Details on the boards in store with LMS – All pics will be below for events as well as In Store

Aloha Fair – NOW ON – Abby – with Exclusives, Gachas and Discounts – everyones favourite word!

Bro Couture NOW ON – Bro Couture ERIK

The Greek Isle Gacha – Zion for Guys

Designer Circle – Currently Poppy

COMING on the 10th August

KRAVE Inc – The Summer Bash – Debby v 1 and v2 – Two different looks and gorgeous for summer

Tales of Fantasy – WOW the new Drow Skins for the ladies – Utterly stunning and for everyday wear – do not be put off by the thought of them being for fantasy only as Izara has made them LUSH for everyday wear and they will be in HIGH demand

Slink-BODY-applier-HUD-WRATH-poster Slink-BODY-applier-HUD-GREED-poster Slink-BODY-applier-HUD-GLUTTONY-poster

Aloha-FAIR-Abby-V1&V2-Poster Product-Poster-DC-Poppy Zion-Gacha-skins-PosterDROW-Gacha-skins-POSTERSummerbash-DEBBY-v1-PosterBro-Couture-DAVOS-posterGATCHA-Damon-PosterGATCHA-OMG-onyx-PosterGATCHA-Ursula-Poster

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