JUDAS Skin Line!



After just a week of the Judas pilot skin the reactions were so great and the demand for more so big that I am working as we speak on a FULL skin line.

Since I noticed you guys are impatient as hell I will release the several skin boxes one by one until I have them all to fill the big store vendor…

This is for now the plan for the line:

Box1 – basic skin no HB no beard 450 L$
Box2 – skin no HB beard1, skin HB beard1 550L$
Box3 – skin no HB beard2 more freckles, HB beard2 freckles, skin basic 650L$
Box4 – skin no HB beard3 shiny, skin HB beard3 shiny, skin no HB beard3 more muscles, HB beard3 more muscles, skin basic 750L$
Box5 – no HB beard4 sunkissed, HB beard4 sunkissed, no HB beard4 guyliner, HB beard4 guyliner, skin basic, no HB beard4 chest hair, HB beard4 chest hair 950L$

4 skin tones fat packs 2750L$
Shape 350L$

Fat pack beards 250L$
Hand applier 250L$
Feet applier 4 skintones 250L$
Mega skin pack 9500L$

Join my inworld group to stay up to date!

Izara Zuta – 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Group key:


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