EXCLUSIVE Group Only Sale.. Coming Soon!



Hey! YOU! … Yes, YOU!

I have a great surprise for you!

I have decided to organize a Group only sale fair soon!

The Fair will be held at a location other than the Main Store and it will be set to Group ONLY access!

This will give you all a low lag, peaceful and quiet place to shop and chat.

Keep an eye out for the group notices so you wont miss a thing! Inform your friends as well!

Discounts will vary from 20 – 40 % !!

News and Updates from Izara!

7 Deadly s{K}ins newsletter 03


This month will be a busy month for me!

I have several events and hunts on my agenda. One will be The Garage Fashion Fair for which I made the mini skin line : Jezebel.

This line is going to favor the blondes and redheads!

Also don’t forget we have a new store at Cleavage and I will be joining the events on a regular basis!

Make sure you join the group in world as well!

NEWS (April 26th 2013)

Welcome Back lovely S{k}inners!

Daily News and Reminders:


I’ve decided to give you another chance for a weekend promo skin!

This beautiful skin is up for sale for the weekend
It comes with Lola Tango Appliers!




#### FREE GROUP JOIN #####

Still have not joined my group yet? You really should NOW!
It’s STILL FREE for 4 more days. As of May the 1st I will put a fee to join!

Each month group members will be send a beautiful gift.

Look below for May’s Hot Deal and Group Gift Skin! (coming May 1st)


Tp to the store now!



##### MAY HOT DEAL ######

Here is a sneak peak of the May hot deal

This box will contain 2 skins and lola tango applier

Only 25 will be available for 500 $L! GONE=GONE




Fuh.Q and 7 Deadly S{k}ins have collaborated on an exclusive skin!

It’s a sexy, wild, and punk rock-ish skin which is named: Wild One!

Only 350 $L

Wild One Skin


#### STAFF NEEDED ####

I am looking for a personal assistant.
For a application please tp to the Main store to get one or IM Izara Zuta

Izara Zuta – 7 Deadly s{K}ins


Todays News!


Hey, Hey S{k}inners!

In todays {7DS} News, we have the Going Bust Event starting 12AM SLT Thursday April 25th 2013!

I have had a store at the Cleavage sim for the last couple of days you should go check it out!

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cleavage/127/128/23

Take a look at the Bust Event Skin  (with appliers) I’ll put up for sale there for just 99$L !


We have the 24 Hour Skin Offer! Just for the simple reason Izara felt like giving you a good deal! 24 HOURS ONLY! So hop on it!

7 Deadly s{K}ins VanityModel

And last but not LEAST,

Join 7 Deadly S[k]ins Group NOW! While it is still FREE!

It will be FREE for 6 more days. As of May the 1st I will put a fee to join!

Each month group members will be sent a beautiful gift.

Check out the pics below of what the Gift and Hot Deal  for May will be!




Looking for Personal Assistant

Please make a notecard named “{7DS} Personal Assistant Application [your name]”

When you are finished, please send notecard to Izara Zuta or Lue Moonshadow

What I am looking for in a Personal Assistant:

Someone who is dedicated, takes initiatives to come up with ideas to promote the store (i.e. coming up with creative ways to get people to come to the store/join group ect.) Keeps me on top of what needs to be done. Reminds me of deadlines and other things that can not remember on my own. Help keep my schedule for hunts/events. Reminders are very important.

I need someone who knows their way around the fashion SL world. Someone who knows what are good events, can tell if a blog is decent or not. preferably be a blogger as well.

I need someone who can manage the bloggers and also keep up on hunts/events.

What I offer for your dedication is:

500$L a week payment, a skin of choice, 10% of a sale amount if you convinced someone to buy things in the store

{ note of the customer that confirms is required }


1 – REPORT TO IZARA (Activity done) – DAILY

  •      Searching if new blogs are posted
  •    Making Blogging URL’s onto a notecard
  •      Spend some time checking the stores
  •      Checking if there are things I need to do before a deadline is due

2 – NOTICES (all groups) – DAILY     

  • Check 7DS group and make same notices in all the groups you have

3 – BLOGGING    

  •   Ask Izara if something new has been released (Picture and info) and blog it


  • HUNTS & FAIRS for 7DS to participate      
  • NEW BLOGGERS